Custom Design

The Process:

Custom. It’s Our Specialty!

More and more of our customers are looking for ways to make a personal statement with their jewelry.  They want pieces that tell a story or have special meaning.  They want to have a hand in creating something beautiful and unique.

The custom phenomenon is sweeping the industry.  And we’re perfectly positioned to help realize the potential.

That’s because custom design is our proven expertise and passion.  We celebrate everything custom, from one of a kind custom engagement rings to fine fashion jewelry

As the custom leader, we’re so invested in our custom jewelry process that we even have a complete jewelry manufacturing facility on site, so our original creations are engineered, fabricated and finalized on our premises.

Meet with our master craftsmen and let them design a piece that brings your unique vision to life

Our Process

The Design Suite

Now the process of translating your vision into a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry is faster and easier than ever before.

That’s because we’ve dedicated a private section of our sales floor to an exciting Design Suite created specifically for customers who want us to design an original work of wearable art just for them.

Our Design Suite offers you a private space for consultation.  It is equipped with a 50 inch TV, and multiple softwares for CAD designing while you wait.  While it used to take weeks to carve a wax and show it to the customer (we still offer this process when needed); we now design on the spot with customer’s input, which leads to less mistakes in communication, quicker turnaround times, and more affordable custom jewelry.

The Consultation

We want to hear your ideas. If you already have a picture or drawing of the design you have in mind, we’d love to take a look. If you need inspiration, we have a vast inventory of finished jewelry and mountings in our showroom, so we can show you actual examples that we can modify or combine to fit your needs.


Once you’ve shared your ideas and examples with one of our skilled designers, they will create a computer-aided design (CAD) rendering of your piece while you watch. The CAD is state-of-the-art computer-aided design software that lets us bring the structure of your piece to life on our computer, detailing its shape, gemstone position, and texture. Adjustments are simple to make at this stage, so don’t be afraid to speak up.

The Estimate.

Next, our designers will put together an estimate, which will include: cost, approximation of total carat weight, color/clarity of stones, and the metal selected. If we are using your stones to create the piece, we will note condition, quality, weights, and/or trade-in value of scrap materials (i.e. unused stones, old metal).

The Creation

Once you approve the design concept and estimate, we will begin to create the actual custom piece. Custom work, depending on degree of complexity and revisions, generally takes six to eight weeks from beginning to completion.

Our master craftsmen use an arc laser welder, which allows them to make and repair pieces with stunning accuracy. The high magnification and finite heat control allow a tremendous level of delicacy in creating custom designs. Experts in hand fabrication, gemstone setting and fine finishes, our artisans bring unparalleled expertise to each custom piece. They create wearable art that is beautiful, durable, comfortable and a thoroughly unique expression of your vision.

The Reveal

During the finishing process and after completion, our project manager will carefully inspect your piece to ensure it meets our quality standards and expectations before delivery. Once your piece has passed our quality control inspection, we will contact you to let you know your custom jewelry is ready to be enjoyed!

Custom Design Jewelry Process - WICHITA, KS

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