Jewelry Appraisals

UPDATE FOR 2023 - Due to some current staff limitations, we are unable to take on any external appraisals at this time. However, if you you've purchased a piece of jewelry from us that you are needing appraised, or if you hold an existing appraisal from Burnell's that requires an update, we're here to assist you.

jewelry appraisal

There are many important reasons to have your jewelry appraised on a regular basis.  For example, most jewelry insurance companies will require a recent appraisal before issuing a policy, and as you’ve probably noticed, values can fluctuate significantly from year to year.

Perhaps you need to know the current value of a piece for something beyond a routine yearly appraisal. You might want a quick sale appraisal or a divorce or estate appraisal for example. No problem. Whatever your reason, we’re here to help and we bring an extraordinary level of expertise to the process.


Appraisals pricing begins at $150 and goes up depending on the complexity of the jewelry piece, like how many stones there are to grade. If we did your original appraisal and you simply need an update, the cost is between $50-$100.