2023 UPDATE: We are too busy to take in outside appraisals at this time, and we apologize for the inconvenience. However, if you bought a jewelry piece from us and need an appraisal done, or need an update on a previous appraisal we have done, we can accommodate you.

There are many important reasons to have your jewelry appraised on a regular basis.  For example, most jewelry insurance companies will require a recent appraisal before issuing a policy, and as you’ve probably noticed, values can fluctuate significantly from year to year.

Perhaps you need to know the current value of a piece for something beyond a regular yearly appraisal. You might want a quick sale appraisal or a divorce or estate appraisal for example.  No problem. Whatever your reason, we’re here to help and bring extraordinary expertise to the process.

Jewelry Appraisals in Wichita, KS - Burnell's

That includes two Gemological Institute of America accredited gemologists on the premises. And it extends to their use of the most sophisticated equipment. Our assessment technology ranges from electronic gold testers, refractometers, and binocular microscopes to thermal transference equipment and sophisticated spectroscopes.

In addition, our staff continually researches the most current treatments used in the gem industry to assure the authenticity of gemstones.

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