Are Diamond Deals for Real?

Nov 25, 2018 Category: Diamonds,Products

So here I am, enjoying a quiet Sunday morning after a busy Thanksgiving weekend, drinking some coffee and thinking about the approaching busy holiday season.   As I was leisurely reading the newspaper, something caught my eye.

America is all about marketing, and America does a very fine job.  The problem is, the average consumer only sees what the marketing experts present.  And there is SO much more than meets the eye…..

After looking at all the jewelry ads and fliers, I became more and more frustrated.  “A diamond ring for $199.00.  A pair of diamond earrings for $399.00.  A “dancing diamond “ pendant for $599.00.  Sounds great?  Absolutely-until you think about these ads and explore further.

So many of those jewelry ads are quite misleading.  What kind of metal is the piece made of?  What is the weight and quality of the diamonds?  Is the weight estimated?   How well are the diamonds cut?  50% off what?  If it’s all about the price, buyer beware.

“Certified” diamonds are everywhere these days and they give the consumers a false sense of what they are buying.  Any company can “certify” diamonds and the certificates may be very wrong.  Trained gemologists have found many, many “certified” diamonds to be incorrect by several grades or qualities.  You get what you pay for.

What about the mountings they don’t tell you about in the ads-are they sterling silver, 10kt gold, 14kt. gold?  How well are they made?  Are you going to be spending a fair sum of money on something you want to be proud to give only to find it is a poor quality stone set in a poor quality mounting that will not hold up over the years?

This is why fine independent jewelry stores like Burnell’s, are becoming more and more important to consumers.  We have gemologists on staff trained to accurately grade diamonds.  We have jewelers on staff making sure the stones are properly set.  And, we have buyers on staff picking our quality products, so that when you shop with us, you will be proud to be giving something special that will be cherished and treasured.  What’s more, we don’t have 30 or 50 or 100 of the same items in the store.  You will be picking out something special-not mass produced-for your special person.

Pop in and see us this Christmas and find out the “Burnell’s difference”—integrity, ingenuity and top notch customer service is what we sell-along with some absolutely fabulous jewelry!


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