Tragedy from the Bench

Custom RIngI was recently asked, “What is your least favorite part of your business?”. I want you to know my answer because this can and should be avoided: “When people neglect their family’s treasured heirlooms to the point of no return.” It’s really quite easy to let this happen: just always wear it and never maintain it.

As a third generation jeweler, I have stories that would make you laugh and even more that would make you cry with joy. In my 20 years as a goldsmith, I could share stories that would blow your mind.

“I accidently dropped my engagement ring down the garbage disposal when it was on”

“I haven’t taken off my ring in twenty years, why is it suddenly having issues?”

”My ring got run over in my driveway”

repaired gold ringOur goldsmiths make jewelry look new every day at Burnell’s. Retipping, sizing, adding a new feature, rechanneling, new crown, and soldering breaks are the most common repairs. But repairing a ring that was run over by the family’s SUV was my personal favorite and one of the most challenging repairs of all time. When the family brought it to us it was pancaked flat, had many broken and missing diamonds, the yellow and white gold had multiple breaks, and a severe case of road rash.

After taking each piece apart, reshaping, resetting diamonds, soldering breaks, retipping every prong, and reassembling it all in great detail; the refurbished piece made the family very happy.