Robin is Back from Market

Jun 21, 2021 Category: Diamonds,In-Store,News & Events,Products

Alrighty people, you can thank me! I just got back from market in Scottsdale and brought the sunshine back with me! Doesn’t it feel good to step out to a bright and shiny day? No rain and no frizzy hair!

And speaking of bright and shiny, it was so wonderful to be handpicking jewelry again. There is nothing that substitutes touching a piece of jewelry, seeing how well it’s made, noting the color, the brilliance, the sparkle and even the size of a fine piece of jewelry. I’m telling you, a zoom call to try to pick out new pretties just doesn’t cut it!

The new picks are already arriving and will continue through the summer. Opals seem to be really hot right now and we have a great selection of different types … those jazzy blue stones always look great with a summer tan!

So enjoy the sun, enjoy being able to get out again into the world after last year, and come sparkle a little at Burnell’s.

— Robin Lies, General Manager, buyer & Gemologist