Custom Jewelry

Get In Touch With Your Inner Jeweler.

Have you ever imagined helping to design a piece of jewelry created just for you? That’s the thrill of custom jewelry.

Your inspiration can be almost anything – a painting, an architectural artifact, an heirloom, even something as literal as a piece of jewelry in a magazine ad. Whatever your vision is, we can help you realize it in an original, personal piece of wearable art.

Custom Jewelry - WICHITA, KS - Burnells

Whether it’s a combination of several pieces you’ve seen, or an original design sparked by your imagination, our jewelry artisans excel at giving it shape, form and color. You can combine elements of both traditional and contemporary pieces, combine old stones in new settings, repurpose estate pieces – your choices are virtually endless.

We are the custom design experts and excel in hand fabrication, gemstone setting and fine finishes. We’re passionate about working with you to design your very own masterpiece. We can use your existing stones and treasured pieces and our own high-quality platinum, 18K and 14K gold in combination with the finest quality diamonds and colored gemstones.

The result is an extraordinary piece of jewelry designed around your personal taste and lifestyle.

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