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Title: General Manager/Gemologist

Where were you born and how did you arrive in Wichita?

I'm from Oklahoma City. I was an art major in college and my area of focus was textiles and metals. I took all the jewelry classes available. My grandmother was my first influence in dealing with jewelry and my passion evolved. On Saturdays, she would take me with her to pick out jewelry every time she purchased a new dress. Of course, it was costume jewelry, but to a five year old, to be able to go with your grandmother and pick out bling on a regular basis was certainly inspirational!

What are your hobbies?

Glassblowing, yoga, music, reading, exhibiting glass at various galleries and shows.

Do you have any awards for your art?

Yes, a variety. But the best "award" is matching the perfect piece of jewelry with a customer. 

Education — Putnam City High School, Oklahoma City; bachelor's degree in art education and psychology, Southwestern Oklahoma State University; gemologist degree, Gemological Institute of America.


Title: Assistant Manager/Goldsmith

Where were you born and how did you arrive in Wichita?

I was born in Garden City in southwest Kansas. My future wife received a job offer from Wichita State University in 2006, so here we are.

How did you become involved in the jewelry business?

My grandfather, Aloysius Regan, opened a jewelry store in 1934. Shawn Regan, my father, took it over in 1977. And I was born into the industry in 1981.

What are your hobbies?

I am an audio-book junkie, golfer, animal lover, and new home owner.

Awards/ Education/ Experience — Awarded first place at the Kansas Jewelers Association design contest in 2002; became a Jewelers of America certified bench jeweler in 2005.

Any interesting facts about yourself?

I have NO tattoos or piercings.


Title: Sales Associate

Where were you born?

Wichita, Kansas

How did you become involved in the jewelry business?

I needed a job and I had a suit! 

Tell us about your family.

I am happily married to the love of my life, Messina. We have two beautiful daughters:  Hayley who is 16, and Jaelyn who is 14.

What are your accreditations?

DCA Diamontologist (2005) Currently enrolled at GIA to become a Graduate Gemologist. Started in the business in 2003. At Burnells since 2012.

Interesting facts about you:

I’m a marching percussion fanatic and taught for 15+ years. I love running ultramarathons, and completed a 50-mile, and hope to run a 100-mile in the next year.

Anything you would like to add:

Engagement rings are my favorite part of this business!


Title: Wax Carver/Goldsmith

Where were you born and when did you come to Wichita?

Concordia, Kansas and moved to Wichita in 1976.

How did you become involved in the jewelry business?

A family jeweler from California persuaded me to use my background in art.

What hobbies do you have?


Tell us about your family.

I've been married for 43 years. We have one son, and one grandson.

What awards have you won for your jewelry?

Many Kansas Jewelers Association design awards.



Title: Goldsmith

Where were you trained to be a Goldsmith?

At the Texas Institutute of Jewelry Technology at Paris Junior College, Paris, Texas.


Title: Gemologist/Sales Associate

What are you accreditations?

GIA – Graduate Gemologist (2003), and have worked at Burnells since 2004.

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