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Celebrate Brilliance

The Star 129 Diamond — Exclusively Available at Burnell’s
Burnell’s invites you to experience the world’s brightest and best diamond. The Star 129 Diamond is named for its unique 129 facets, reflecting much more light than most other round-cut diamonds, which typically have 58 facets.

It’s a difference so significant that you can compare its brightness to other diamonds without carrying around a jeweler’s light or a gem scope. Even our customers who prefer other types of gems tell us they love the Star 129 Diamond.

The creators of the Star 129 Diamond spent two years with scientists and master diamond cutters perfecting the cut. It outshines the industry standard “Ideal Cut” and is validated by a GemEx Performance Analysis Certificate that comes with every Star 129 Diamond.

Most of diamonds we carry have 58 facets. The Star 129 has 129 facets which creates a look that is very exciting. Even people that profess that they do not like diamonds seem to love this cut. A Star 129 diamond does not need a jeweler’s light, a gem scope, or a hearts and arrows viewer to see the difference. Under bright lights they are just truly blinding and even in a darker places they are still dazzling. The brilliance and dispersion is unsurpassed by any other diamond cut. You have to see them to believe them. Star diamond spent two years with scientists and master diamond cutters perfecting the Star 129.

Burnell’s has been in the jewelry industry for over thirty years, and we have seen dozens of "specialty" cut diamonds. But this is the first one that outshines an Ideal American cut (hearts and arrows), because it is based on the older ideal proportions. The Star 129 is the next generation (beyond hearts and arrows) in diamond cutting.

     If you haven't seen this next generation diamond cut, you need to, you will absolutely love it. 

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