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A Celebration of Custom Design

Burnell’s is a recognized leader in high-quality custom designed fine jewelry. In addition to offering some of the world’s most beautiful designer lines, Burnell’s offers a complete jewelry manufacturing facility on site. Custom designs are engineered, fabricated and finalized on the premises.

The designs our jewelers create are produced to meet the specific needs of you — our customers.

Master Craftmanship
Burnell’s jewelers will design and create the perfect piece of jewelry. We begin with sketches and examples. Then we’ll show you the progress of your design through each step of the process — from drawings and CADCAM renderings, to wax carving, and the finished piece.

Unique Transformations
Using your existing gold, stones and treasured pieces, we can create new wonderful designs and memories.

Quality Materials
We use high-quality platinum, 18K gold and 14K gold, and have access to the world’s finest quality diamonds and colored gemstones. We are experts in gemstone selection, teaching you how to look for the finest examples of gems.

Latest Technology
We use an arc laser welder, allowing our jewelers to make and repair pieces with stunning accuracy. The high magnification and finite heat control allow a tremendous level of delicacy in creating custom designs.

“We design jewelry that is beautiful. Just as importantly, it is durable, comfortable and made to match the customer’s wishes and lifestyle.”

Burnell's Difference
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